“The key risk is the unknown – Law Compliance takes away that fear”

James Rankin, Corporate Lawyer

“Great system with great staff”

Fiona Stevens, Quality Manager

“I can happily recommend the Law Compliance products to any organisation who is looking for an easier way to keep up with their legal obligations. I cannot see any way that you could conceivably replicate their service without massive cost.”

Jack Blythe, Contracts ERP Functional Lead

“Law Compliance can be adapted to any organisation, regardless of size or resources.  Staff are obliging and keen to assist to users ensuring a positive experience.”

Quality and Compliance Manager

“Access to legal advice and to cost-effective online tools for in-house legal teams is usually not found in a single service offering. The value of Comply Online for our team is that the service provides both the system for managing legislative compliance in-house, supported by the knowledge of Health Legal’s advisory team on the legislative content. Comply Online enhances the value our in-house legal services provides to the foundations of our organisation’s corporate governance framework.”

Tess Lye, General Counsel
Epworth HealthCare

 “We could not keep up with our legislative compliance obligations without the Quarterly Updates and newsletters. Once we had a system in place it was very straightforward and easy to use. The difficulty is in doing all of the gap analyses initially to give you a solid baseline. Once you have done this, the system is very efficient.”

Annabel Brown, Quality & Risk Officer
Peninsula Home Hospice

“We have found the Law Compliance products extremely useful for our organisation in managing legal compliance.  Law Compliance has done a fantastic job in setting everything out so clearly and in an easy to follow manner.”

Legal Services Assistant