When working in Aged Care, it is of utmost importance to abide by all laws and regulations relating to the industry. If you don’t comply with the Aged Care legal requirements, you may receive a notice of Non-Compliance from the Department of Health. This can turn into a sanction if required actions are not completed within an agreed period of time.

At Law Compliance, we specialise in Aged Care Law. Our experienced team are well educated in Aged Care legislation including the Aged Care Act 1997 and Aged Care Principles. This means we can help your business remain compliant to all Commonwealth and State Acts, Regulations and Principles which impact your organisation.

How Law Compliance Works for Aged Care

With a multitude of Acts and Regulations in healthcare, it can be time consuming and a bit confusing as to which laws apply to you. At Law Compliance, we aim to make compliance easy for you by identifying which legislation applies to you as an aged care provider, and keeping you updated with any changes to these laws and regulations.

Our Compliance Register is a set of registers which covers all Commonwealth and State Acts, Regulations and Principles which impact on the Aged Care sector. In addition, we also have a number of other modules which cover topics relating to aged care and disability services.

As well as getting access to our Aged Care Compliance Register, we also keep you up to date on a quarterly basis with any relevant legislation and regulatory changes. To make it even easier, we summarise these changes in a clear and easy to understand language, as well as identifying the practical impact of each new legislative requirement.

You’ll never find staying compliant easier! There’s no more need to read up on legislation and regulation – just subscribe to our Aged Care Compliance Register and receive updates to all legislation you need to comply with.

Aged Care Compliance Training

Our service goes far beyond just aged care compliance updates. We also offer quarterly training handouts which cover key changes brought about by each new Act or Regulation and what steps we recommend you take to comply with the new requirements.

Subscribers to this service also have access to our FAQ Hotline to ask any questions which they may have about the new changes.

Getting Started with Aged Care Compliance through Law Compliance

Get up to date with the latest aged care legislation today! To get started, simply contact us using the form below or call our office on 1300 862 667. We’ll also send you a FREE info pack which includes an up to date sample register, training brochures, assessment questions, standard price list and more!