Childcare compliance is regulated under Commonwealth and State Acts and Regulations. The location of your service and the type of service you provide will impact the legislation that governs your childcare service. Your service will need to satisfy particular requirements under the National Quality Framework. Alongside requirements for child care educators, this can also extend to first aid qualifications, emergency asthma management training and anaphylaxis management training. If you fail to comply with the Act and Regulations, you may be prosecuted in court.

At Law Compliance, we specialise in Childcare Compliance Law and Regulations. Our experienced team of lawyers are well versed in the National Quality Framework and all relevant State Acts and Regulations. Law Compliance can help your child care organisation remain complaint by keeping you up to date with relevant changes to Commonwealth and State laws that govern your area of business.

How Law Compliance Works for Childcare Compliance

Understanding which Acts and Regulations apply to you can be difficult and confusing. Many businesses do not have the resources nor time to ensure they are continually informed and compliant with all changes to their relevant governing legislation. At Law Compliance, we have developed a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to make childcare compliance easy.

Our Compliance Register covers all Commonwealth and State Acts and Regulations which impact on your childcare organisation. Our Compliance Register is updated quarterly to reflect any legislative changes. We understand that legal language can be repetitive and confusing and that’s why we’ve simplified the process of legislative compliance for you.

Every quarter, you will receive an update with a summary of any legislative changes relevant to your organisation. This summary aims to detail the impact that these legislative changes will have on your organisation in easy to understand language.

Included within our suite of childcare compliance products is a self-assessment tool which subscribers can use to test their legal compliance knowledge, as well as quarterly training brochures and access to the Law Compliance frequently asked questions hotline.

Meet all Childcare Regulation and Acts Today

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