The compliance register is a comprehensive set of guidelines that detail Commonwealth and State Acts and Regulations which impact on your organisation.

Law Compliance Register

At Law Compliance we have created a cost effective, off the shelf solution which summarises all legislative requirements relevant to your organisation.

The benefits of our Compliance Register Product

Law Compliance’s regulatory compliance products, including the compliance register will benefit your organisation in a number of ways. The compliance register has been designed to remove the time spent by organisations determining which laws impact your organisation. Our regulatory compliance products not only provide a comprehensive list of laws that apply to your organisation, we provide updates to keep you informed of changes to regulations affecting your organisation and the effect that these changes will have on your organisation.

At Law Compliance, our products assist you in meeting not only your regulatory compliance standards but also accreditation requirements. Satisfying compliance and accreditation requirements minimises the risk to your organisation of prosecution, complaints, litigation and fines.

Compliance Register Updates

As a part of our ongoing service we provide quarterly updates on any changes to the legislative requirements of your organisation. Included in your quarterly updates are a summary of the legislative changes in easy to understand language and a summary of the effect of the change.

Compliance Register Relevant to your Industry

The compliance register compiled by Law Compliance covers compliance regulations that affect your organisation. Depending on your organisation’s activities you may also receive modules covering a number of regulatory requirements.

We develop customised modules for any regulatory requirements which your organisation is required to meet.  We have created a number of complementary compliance products to assist organisations in meeting their compliance and regulatory obligations. Your organisation will be provided with compliance requirements specific to its needs. That’s how we make compliance easy!

Subscribing to the Legal Compliance Register

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