Disability services compliance is regulated under various Commonwealth and State Acts and Regulations. The impact the legislation that governs your disability service will have depends on the location of your service and the type of services you provide.

Law Compliance, specialises in Disability Services Compliance Law and Regulations. Our extensive and highly experienced team of lawyers are highly competent in all relevant Commonwealth and State Acts and Regulations. We can help your disability services organisation remain up to date with changes to all laws that govern your activities.

Law Compliance and Disability Service Compliance

Navigating the various Acts and Regulations which apply to your disability service or business can be time consuming and confusing. We understand that you may not have the time nor resources to maintain a level of understanding of the many compliance obligations that apply to your organisation. That’s where Law Compliance comes in: we have a dedicated team and cost-effective solution to ensure you and your service are always compliant.

Our Compliance Register covers all Commonwealth and State Acts and Regulations which impact on your disability services organisation. Our Compliance Register is updated quarterly to reflect any legislative changes. Understanding the law can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing, which is why we have simplified the process of legislative compliance for you.

Every quarter, you will receive an update with a summary of any legislative changes relevant to your organisation. This summary aims to detail the impact that these legislative changes will have on your organisation, in easy to understand language.
In addition to this, Law Compliance includes a Disability Services Compliance assessment tool which you can utilise to test your knowledge of relevant compliance obligations. Adding to this, we also provide quarterly training resources and a FAQ hotline.

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