Supermarkets and grocery chains are unique businesses that require a strong focus on quality, safety and compliance. One dangerous incident or breach of regulation at one location can spark community outrage that affects the whole brand’s reputation.

At Law Compliance, our tailored products take the stress out of legal compliance. Not only do we summarise all Commonwealth and State laws that apply to your organisation, we provide you with a single system to ensure that you are kept regularly and reliably updated on any relevant changes. Our tools range from comprehensive registers covering every piece of applicable legislation to easy to understand handouts that summarise new and amended laws.

Our Comply Online tool is comprehensive, effective and easy to operate, so you save time and money thanks to more efficient processes. Reporting your organisation’s compliance has also never been simpler with Comply Online Premium. Subscribers can allocate responsibility for up to 5 tiers of delegation, and our fully transparent system means that each area’s level of compliance, as well as risk rating, can be reported in both detailed and high-level reports that can be provided to your Quality and Risk Committees and Executive team.

The dedicated team of lawyers at Law Compliance are more than happy to discuss your legislative compliance needs. If you would like more information about our services please contact us here or call us on 1300 862 667.