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Legislative Compliance Services

The Compliance Register

The Compliance Register covers all Commonwealth and State Acts and Regulations that impact on our subscribers.

The Compliance Register comes in both a Word paper version and a web based format. It is divided into sections that typically reflect people's roles within an organisation. In that way, responsibility for particular sections can be easily allocated.

The Compliance Register is comprehensive and comprises core topics such as:
• Building & Infrastructure • Occupational Health & Safety
• Charter of Human Rights & Responsibilities • Ombudsman
• Competition & Consumer Law • Privacy of Information & Freedom of Information
• Corporate Services • Confidentiality
• Employment • Superannuation
• Finance • Whistleblowers & Public Interest Disclosures
A number of optional modules are also available comprising topics such as:
• Adoption Services • Food
• Aged Care and Disability Services • Health Professionals
• Births and Deaths • Housing and Accommodation
• Bus Services • Medicare
• Client Rights • Mental Health
• Clinical Issues • Minors and Children's Services
• Counselling Services • Registered Training Organisations
• Decision Making for Incapacitated Adults • Research
• Diseases • Residential Tenancies
• Drug and Alcohol Services • Supported Residential Services
• Drugs • Unclaimed Goods
Subscribers are able to select any or all of the above modules, depending on your organisation's particular requirements.
We are also able to develop customised modules for any regulatory requirements particular to your organisation.

Quarterly Legislative Updates

Best practice requires organisations to have a system in place to receive notification of all new relevant legislative requirements.

We update the Compliance Register on a quarterly basis so that subscribers are continually kept abreast of all relevant legislative changes. As part of our service, we filter the relevant legislation and regulatory changes, and then summarise all relevant changes in clear, easy to understand language. We also identify the practical impact of each new legislative requirement. BACK TO TOP

Training Brochures & FAQ Hotline

Each quarter we can send you handouts that cover the key changes brought about by each new Act or Regulation, and what steps we recommend you take to comply with the new requirements.

Subscribers to this service may then call us on our FAQ Hotline to ask any questions which they may have about those new changes. BACK TO TOP

Self-Assessment Questions

We have also developed a series of self-assessment questions that subscribers can use to test their compliance with relevant legislative obligations.

The questions are amended each quarter to reflect the legislative changes which have been made during that period.
In effect, these questions allow organisations to self-audit their own compliance.

Alert Service

In response to client demand we have developed a new compliance alert service which complements our existing legislative compliance products and services.

The alert service provides you with advanced warning of the commencement of new significant Acts and Regulations. “Significant” Acts and Regulations means those which will have a significant operational impact on our clients. As part of this alert, we provide you with a summary of the legislation and a link to the relevant Act/Regulation. This alert service will allow you to prepare for new legislation before the Acts and Regulations have commenced. BACK TO TOP

Case Law Updates

Each quarter we summarise the key cases which have considered the legislation which impacts on your organisation as well as other areas of risk.

This Case Law Update reflects the requirements of NSQHS Standard 1.1.1 which requires as a key task that organisations be kept regularly and reliably updated on relevant case law.
In addition to the areas covered by the Compliance Register, the Case Law Update covers new case law throughout Australia in relation to:
• Consent and informed decision-making • Contracts
• Medical negligence • Clinical and corporate governance

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