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Comply Online is Law Compliance’s on line system that allows our subscribers to monitor compliance with their relevant legislative obligations and keep up-to-date with the latest legislative changes.

Comply Online provides subscribers with access to their subscribed products in one centralised system. The system is deliberately designed to make compliance easy.

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We currently cover nearly 2,000 topics. We have identified which “core” topics apply to all organisations, depending on where they are located (regardless of whether they operate on a profit or not for profit basis).

As part of the process of coming on board, new clients are asked to answer an electronic activity questionnaire. This technology (together with our legal review) determines what “optional” topics need to be allocated to each client. For example, a question is asked about whether your organisation operates buses and if so, how many seats those buses have because in some States a 8 seater bus means that your organisation needs to abide by certain transport legislation. If you answer that your organisation does operate a 8 seater bus we will provide you with the bus topic.

There are no limits on how many people can access the updates and alerts. If subscribers have access to the Premium reporting version of Comply Online, there is a user licence for each individual to whom a topic is reported.

Yes, subscribers can create an Excel listing of all topics on their profile, at any time. This report also sets out the legislation covered within each topic.

Yes, subscribers can create their own “Update Table” for each update which shows the legislative changes at a glance. These Tables are tailored to the topics listed on your profile and list the updated topics, their category, relevant legislation and a comment which summarises the change. The colour coding (red, orange, green or blue) provides a rating of the importance of the change so that you can prioritise the more significant legislative changes.

Yes, most of our clients ask for a solution which covers all of the Acts and Regulations which their organisation must abide by. However, if a client wants to receive content relating to only certain types of legislation (for example, health, safety and environmental topics) we can supply just those topics too.

Each of our products will provide you with information about the laws your organisation needs to comply with. Which products are best suited to your organisation depends on what the organisation wants to achieve and how the products will be used. We will discuss those needs with you and recommend, based on our experience, the product(s) best suited to meet those needs.

Each client has a client relationship manager, who is typically a solicitor. This solicitor’s role is to ensure that our clients are happy and to answer any questions which the client may have about why an Act/Regulation is relevant. CRMs can also provide information about upcoming bills. There is no charge to access this service.

Yes, our products are designed to meet the compliance needs of all organisations – large and small.

Onboarding is quick and easy and happens within a day of a client indicating which products they would like to subscribe to.

When a subscriber takes on a new service/business or decides not to continue a service/business they just have to let us know and we will change the topics and updates we provide to them. The activity questionnaire which we use to determine what our subscribing organisations do is available at all times to our subscribers. Subscribers are prompted, at least once each year (and whenever their service mix/business changes), to confirm the responses in the questionnaire. It is important that your organisation only receives relevant updates and this process ensures that this occurs.

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