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Statutory Authorities

Public entities are held to the highest standard when it comes to accountability and adherence to the law. Instances of non-compliance with legislative requirements reflect poorly not only on the entity and its board, but also on the relevant Department and Minister. That’s why a good legislative compliance system plays such a vital role in good governance.

At Law Compliance, we provide an easy to use, cost effective solution that makes legislative compliance simple.

With our unique compliance tools, Law Compliance is able to help you stay on top of your obligations, by firstly, summarising all Commonwealth, State and Territory laws that apply to your organisation, and secondly, providing you with a single system to ensure that you are kept regularly and reliably updated on any relevant regulatory changes.

Our subscribers include Government Departments, public sector procurement bodies, fire authorities, transit bodies and ambulance authorities.

How we can help

The dedicated team of lawyers at Law Compliance are more than happy to discuss your legislative compliance needs. If you would like more information about our services please contact us below or call us on 1300 862 667 today.


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