Comply Online® has been specifically developed to make compliance simple. Working with compliance clients for over 17 years, we designed our new system to meet the needs of our clients in a way that is effective and user-friendly.

With Comply Online®, clients can see all of the products that they subscribe to in the one place. The Register, Self-Assessment Questions, Training Brochures, Alerts, Policy updates and Case Law Updates are all accessible in the system. Conveniently, Training Brochures, Alerts and Policy Updates are all linked to the relevant topic.

All subscribers are also able to produce tailored quarterly reports which show the topics that have changed that quarter, the reasons for the change and the level of priority that those changes warrant with our traffic light colour-coding. Excel spreadsheets can also be produced showing all of the topics on a profile, as well as the legislation covered in each topic.

Subscribers can also:

  • Nominate certain topics as “favourites” enabling them to prioritise or highlight key areas
  • “Hide” topics that they don’t wish to focus on, from time to time
  • Search for key words. For example, if they are wanting to see all topics where a certain Act is referred to.

Looking for reporting functionality? Comply Online® Premium allows subscribers to assign topics to individuals within their organisation with up to 5 tiers of delegation available. Those individuals can then allocate compliance and risk ratings to each topic, and also upload related documents, such as internal policies, so that they are saved with the compliance products.

Premium subscribers can then easily produce compliance reports which can be provided to Boards and Audit Risk Committee’s to demonstrate the organisation’s overall level of compliance.

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Our clients receive first-rate support and assistance, including regular free Comply Online® webinars hosted by our experienced team of compliance solicitors.

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