What is Regulatory Compliance?

Regulatory Compliance refers to an organisation’s compliance with all relevant Commonwealth and State Acts and Regulations. Compliance with these laws can be a complex but critical necessity for any business. Compliance, in a nutshell, means ensuring your organisation meets the laws and regulations which are relevant to your business or industry. Being compliant not only protects your organisation, it also enhances your reputation with customers, suppliers and employees.


Cutting the Confusion of Regulatory Compliance

As mentioned above, Regulatory Compliance can be incredibly complex. Identifying and understanding which laws and regulations apply to your business can take numerous hours of reading, investigating and legal interpretation– a timely and often expensive operation. What makes regulatory compliance even more complex is the fact that the Commonwealth and State authorities are continually making changes to the Acts and Regulations. Keeping up to date with these changes and integrating these changes into your business is critically important – as missing just one of these changes could result in your once compliant operations becoming uncompliant.


At Law Compliance, we understand the complexity and importance of regulatory compliance. That’s why we developed an easy to use and easy to understand Compliance Register which summarises all of the legislation that applies to your organisation – and keeps that information up to date with any changes.


The benefits of using Law Compliance products

Given our economies of scale, we are able to provide an inexpensive solution to regulatory compliance. Just some of the benefits of using our products include:

  • A cost-effective solution which is immediately available to you
  • A single centralised system which monitors compliance with relevant obligations
  • A solution which is specifically designed to remove the time which can be spent determining what laws apply to your organisation and keeping abreast of changes to those laws
  • A comprehensive summary of all relevant Commonwealth and State Acts and Regulations which apply to your organisation
  • A system which assists organisations to satisfy accreditation and regulatory compliance standards
  • An easy method for organisations to identify all of the legislation relevant to them and to take steps to ensure compliance with laws, so as to minimise the risk of fines, prosecutions, complaints and litigation


Some of the services we offer for Regulatory Compliance

The Compliance Register and Updates

Our Compliance Register breaks down on a subject by subject basis, the Commonwealth and State Acts and Regulations which impact on your organisation. This covers topics such as building and infrastructure, competition and consumer law, corporate services, employment and discrimination, environment protection, finance and superannuation, occupational health and safety and privacy, freedom of information and confidentiality.

Depending on your activities, you may also receive a number of other modules relevant to your organisation. These can be found here


Self-Assessment Questions and Updates

Our Self Assessment questions are a series of questions which you can use to test your compliance with relevant legislative obligations. To ensure these stay up to date with any changes or updates to laws or regulations, these questions are amended each quarter. To some extent, these questions act as a self-audit of your organisation’s compliance.


Training Brochure & FAQ Hotline

Each quarter we can send you handouts which cover (in an easy to understand way) the key changes brought about by each new Act or Regulation and what steps we recommend you take to comply with the new requirements. Subscribers to this service also have access to our FAQ Hotline to answer any questions they may have about these updates.


Alert Service

Our alert service provides you with advance warning of the commencement of new significant Acts.  This service allows you to prepare for new legislation before the significant Act has commenced.


Getting Started with Law Compliance

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